Reusable Gift Cards


You design, we do the rest

Bookmanager takes care of your gift cards from start to finish.

Provide your own design, or work with us

Full colour front; black and white back

No limit on re-loading

Same size and durable plastic as credit cards

Built for the Bookmanager software

Barcoded for quick scanning



The more you buy, the cheaper they are.

Quantity Price per card Extended price
500 $1.25 $625
1000 $0.96 $960
2500 $0.65 $1625
5000 $0.48 $2400
10,000 $0.39 $3900
15,000 $0.35 $5250
Amount on card Loading fee
≤ $10.00 $0.20
> $10.00 $0.40
Quantity Price per card Extended price
500 $0.96 $480
1000 $0.74 $740
2500 $0.50 $1250
5000 $0.37 $1850
10,000 $0.30 $3000
15,000 $0.27 $4050
Amount on card Loading fee
≤ $10.00 $0.16
> $10.00 $0.31

The Details

Loading fees

Each time a card is loaded with a value of more than $10.00, $0.40 CAD / $0.31 USD will be charged to your account. Cards loaded with a value of $10.00 or less will be charged $0.20 CAD / $0.16 USD. Loading fees will be billed semi-annually, on December 31st and July 31st, with an online report available to track usage and charges. There are no fees charged when a card is redeemed, only when it is loaded or refilled.

Fully redeemed cards

When a card is fully redeemed, you can take it back from the customer. Cards may be recycled (issued again to another customer), and we encourage you to do so to bring costs down. Customers will not be able to see any previous history on recycled cards, but you can if need be. In our experience, gift cards get 2-3 cycles of use before they become too tattered and worn to be issued again.

Expiring cards

Depending on provincial/state laws, gift cards may not be allowed to expire. In fact, most provinces in Canada no longer allow gift cards to have an expiration. If your area allows expiry dates, and you decide to implement them, make certain your policy is displayed on the physical cards. Cards can be designed with an “expiry date” space to hand write the date upon issuing.


The physical plastic gift cards contain no information about the card’s balance or history. Rather, Bookmanager uses the unique barcoded number printed on the card to obtain the information stored on your server and mirrored on our servers. For this reason, we highly recommend that the physical gift card itself be present at the time of redemption, to reduce the chance of a stolen or counterfeit number being used. It is very difficult and unlikely that your physical gift card be reproduced exactly, with a working barcode, and a number that is activated and carries a balance.

That said, card numbers can be entered manually if the card or the scanner is damaged, or upon exceptional occasions where the physical card itself cannot be presented.

Delivery time

Approximately 3-4 weeks after the final signed approval of artwork is received by us. Rush production/delivery can be requested at an extra cost, but this still takes an average of 2 weeks from start until you receive the cards at your store.

Design pricing

Cost of the artwork design is $70 / hour, with a minimum $35 charge. The time spent designing varies on the amount of work and revisions needed to create your design, as well as any stock photography required.

Each design is created from scratch for each individual store, allowing your card to be as unique as you like. If you have your own graphic artist and provide print-ready material, there is only a $25 artwork setup fee. Please refer to the Design Resources section below for templates and guidelines for designers.

Printing your own cards

We have no issue with stores purchasing their gift cards from a third party for use with the Bookmanager software. We do require that you contact us to obtain a file containing the sequential barcode numbers (they must adhere to Bookmanager's validation formula otherwise they will be rejected). A basic $25 fee is charged to generate this file.

We can also integrate your pre-existing gift cards for use with Bookmanager. These cards will adhere to the loading fee structure outlined above.

Other costs

The prices per card outlined above include shipping for quantities up to 1000 cards. Prints of more than 1000 cards may incure a shipping charge. If you would like to have multiple gift card designs for a single order, ask us about pricing and minimum quantities. For example, you can order 1000 cards total, but have 500 printed with one design, and 500 with another.


Design Resources

Download design templates and technical specifications

File Description Size
Gift Cards Template Back.psd Adobe Photoshop ready with disclaimers and trim guides 0.5 MB
Gift Cards Template Front.psd Adobe Photoshop ready with trim guides 0.8 MB
Gift Cards Adobe Illustrator ready with disclaimers and trim guides 1.6 MB
Gift Cards Guidelines.pdf Gift card sizing, trim, and colour setup 70 KB
Gift Cards Manual.pdf Gift card use within the Bookmanager software 0.4 MB