Book Buying Policy

Generally, we buy books that we think we can sell, which includes reviewing the age and condition of the book, as well as how many copies we may already have. We offer you trade credit, or for certain select books, we offer cash. The value we offer you is dependent upon how much we estimate we can sell your books for and how quickly we think we can sell them.

We sell many books for half price, but many for well under half price.  Likewise, if we think one book will sell slower than another, we’ll value the slower one for less than the faster one.  Our opinions are based both upon our experience as well as the computerized information we review when we decide whether to buy your book.  So two different books that both have an original price of $15 and that we each sell for $7.50  may be valued differently, if one came out in the last few months and is being read in area bookclubs, while the other came out five years ago and we may sell one or two copies a year.  Likewise, we’ll offer less for the 3rd copy of a common book than for the 1st copy of that book, since we only get our money for the 3rd one after we sell the first two.  We’re simply trying to have our offer reflect the value we’ll get from your books—the more current your books are, the higher your offer will be.

How trade credit works :
1. Trade credit is good for anything in the store, new or used, no exceptions.
2. Credit can be used to pay for up to half of your purchase; the remaining purchase amount must be paid in cash or credit/debit card.
3. If you don’t use all your trade credit the day you sell us books, we’ll issue you a card which states your remaining amount of credit. You can use this credit in any of our stores. We keep no record of any credit due you, so YOU MUST KEEP THAT CARD TO BE ABLE TO REDEEM YOUR CREDIT.  Trade credit cannot be redeemed for cash.

Frequently Asked Questions :
1. What kind of books do you buy?
It’s easier to say what we don’t buy. We do not buy encyclopedias, magazines, music, Reader’s Digest,Harlequin, Silhouette, or similar romance series. We also generally don’t buy hardcover fiction once the paperback version is released, which is usually 6 to 9 months after the hardcover is published). But we do buy hardcover and paperback in all nonfiction categories, and we LOVE hardcover fiction that won’t be out in for several months.
2.  What books do you buy for cash?
Only books with high Internet value (generally over $20, items like textbooks or scarce titles or editions) or other high-demand items (like newly released hardcovers or audio books, current movie titles, hot series books, etc.)
3. Will you always repurchase books I bought from you?
No, our buying is governed by our stock level and our assessment of the saleability of the book as of the day you offer it to us.   We also don’t buy back anything on the Clearance shelves.
4. If I let you keep the books you didn’t offer to buy, what do you do with them?
Some wind up getting used in our stores, if we need the book later. But 95% or so are donated to area charities or deposited with recycling centers if the book cannot be used by a charity.

Please note:
If you believe any of your books are rare or particularly valuable, please tell us in advance. We’ll take extra time researching the value before we make you an offer. Otherwise we move pretty fast and necessarily make a lot of quick judgments and assumptions in our decision-making.